Prayer Changes Things:

Guidelines for Prayer Groups Just Getting Started

  • Assemble your group. Optimum group size is 4-7 people. (Preferably groups will be mixed, men and women, 2-3 couples. However, women or men’s groups are fine, also.) Meet to pray in group member's homes. (You may rotate the meetings among these homes, choose one that works best, or pray at another location-perhaps your church).
  • Everyone brings a pen or pencil and a piece of paper.
  • If the group is musically gifted, open with song.
  • One person reads a 5-10 verse selection from the book of Psalms.
  • Each person shares 3-5 things (depending on the group size) they would like prayer for. Everyone else writes these requests on their paper. (All papers should have the same requests written on them). Share for 25 minutes.
  • At the bottom, or top, of the list place these two requests:
    1. Revival (in our nation’s churches [beginning with our church])
    2. Our president & our nation
  • One person in the group begins by praying aloud for prayer request #1. The next person will pray aloud for prayer request #2. Prayer circles around the room until all requests have been prayed for. Everyone present participates. In this way people are praying for each other (and maybe sometimes themselves). If the prayer time takes less than 30 minutes, add more prayer requests the next week, or pray more thoroughly for the requests.
  • End by reciting II Chron 7:14 as a group.
  • Begin on time and end promptly at 1 hour.


To view a sample prayer list click here.